With over 25 years experience and ongoing education in the field, our passion for our profession has not waned. With goals of being the best we can possibly be we set the bar high for ourselves. As a human being, husband, wife, massage therapist and athletes.

We are certified in numerous modalities, but our specialty is Sports Massage. With a degree in Kinesiology, a degree in health care and nursing along with being current certified Massage Therapists. Those along with several thousand hours of in class and hands on experience. Along with being consistent top competitive athletes for just as long simply makes for a great recipe. Speaking of recipes, you won't find a cookie cutter massage here. Everyone is an individual, and with different individual requests and requirements. Tight iliotibial band? Pelvis rotated due to tight hip flexors/gluteus medius? Functional leg length discrepancy? Adhesion build up on achilles tendon? Gastrocnemius tight or shin splints? Rhomboid overuse from swimming? The lists goes on..........and sports massage would certainly be a benefit. Along with flushing out metabolic waste, sticky muscle fibers binding due to break down (and we do a lot of that as athletes) a great sports massage therapist assists muscle cells to recovery in delivering fresh circulating blood flow with fresh nutrients and good 'ol fresh oxygen. There is so much more to it than just hands moving over a body. Communication and sharing knowledge go a very long way.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. The best injury you can have often simply requires rest. Diagnosis and proper massage can be a huge accelerator to that healing. And also one of the best preventative measures. Check us out. Could very well be your new secret weapon to faster times and certainly quicker recovery. Aloha! Dave and Jodi.

Aloha, Dave Ruby