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 Here in the states when taking over or passing someone you let them know with a "on your left"

Opposite in Australia as you pass with an  "on the right". With my swim starting 3rd from last out of 15 waves that put lots ahead of me from the get go. Did not take long to realize when on bike my little recently (re) built 650c steed with disk wheel on rear and deep dish up front paired with brand new tubulars pumped up to 160 lbs was moving just fine. That's her on the very end of bike rack nestled amongst all the very fine and blingy carbon candy that lay endlessly on all the racks. She did stand out

  Caught and passed heaps though. Often throwing a thumbs up as moving up.  I was trying to be polite and many did not understand English (or did not want to) as I do not dig pulling others in a non drafting competition. Quite a train behind here in the one pic. Saw other packs through out the day too on some of the out and back portions of the course. Oh well. I did get reeled in by many somewhere 45-50 miles in. I knew I was not bonking. Now know the culprit was a rear tubie not holding air. Clinchers are the way IMO. But I don't even have clinchers for the 650c. And doubt I will invest. IMG 0116


51 m-100734554-FT-1331 027447-351302998 m-100734554-DIGITAL HIGHRES-1331 043203-351307697 m-100734554-DIGITAL HIGHRES-1331 041559-3513075

IMG 0080The town of Mooloolaba was absolutely buzzing and lit up with athletes running, cycling, swimming everywhere for the two days prior I arrived. I was little blown away at all of the activity. A tad aggro already and the race was still ahead. With such a huge foreign contingency I knew more kangaroos than competitors. Was great to bump into Craig Zelent and his wife Laurie. Seen here as Craig is departing transition after race. And then again later that eve in town. Craig and I became friends in 1995  after Ironman Japan where he had no place to lay his head after the race and I snuck him into the 100.00 a night hostel (hostel, not hotel)! I was hanging out in in Tokyo. I gave him my wrist entry band for place and it worked. Just doing what we had to do: We were starving/traveling athletes on shoestring budget. And hell he had no place to stay. And I remind him that everytime I see him : )


Other mate is Vincent Fournier seen here dropping me off in Brisbane for my 20 hour venture home. Vince is from Montreal, lives in British Virgin Islands, may soon be moving to Cabo San Lucas with his girlfriend, and is just a straight up great guy. Athlete as well. And a breath of fresh air to triathlon. Good on ya Vince. Hope to surf Shipwrecks in Cabo with you one day.IMG 0138IMG 0124IMG 0122

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Nope have not blogged lately. I am going to make more effort regarding so. My true mission for website from the beginning is and always will be to expose our worth as a sponsored athlete(s). I am trying to be more of a social media participant but I am still old school and prefer upfront and personable. Nothing IMO beats a good old solid reputation.

  Jodi races Ironman World Championships in Kona less than one month away. She qualified last month @ Ironman Vineman.  I believe this will be her 6th or 7th qualified appearance. After not taking my spot with a win Ironman Panama 70.3, I did so somewhat impulsively at awards in May the night of racing Ironman St. Croix. Then did not commit and purchase airline ticket to Australia for World Championships until into the 2nd week of August. So yep pretty much winged another one. Seems to work for me that anyway.

  Having unloaded my TT bike built for Panama (and after Panama) I recently built an old 650c steel framed Merlin. I resurrected from my bone yard of used parts. Tested it once riding through Camp Pendleton. Felt good. Could have used a 55t chainring over the 54 but no big deal. As typical 90% training on my mtn. bike via awesome Safariland/Kona carbon 29er with the 1X. I have no problem transferring over training from one bike to another. Heck been doing it a very long time now.

        The swim in Mooloolaba Beach was spectacular. My swim training here consists of a few times a week @ LA Fitness pool with a nice long once a week jaunt around Oceanside pier to the harbor. Cool two miles. Can not see the ocean bottom once outside a few hundred yards. But seen it the entire 1.2 miles in Oz. The bike course was epic as well.  Although I could feel the rear tubular getting soft at around mile 45ish or thought so. But was not 100%. Convinced myself at the time: Nah....... but confirmed it after the race (run) upon retrieving bike.......yep maybe 40lbs at most left in the sew up. Brand new tubular too. Just like the old days that's an expensive flat. And cost a little time on the course as well. No worries. Could have been worse.

I will share much about the trip with some great race and non race pics from my "walkabout" after the competition. I would  like to express how wonderful the Aussie's were/are and how beautiful their country is. I expected good and experienced great. As for my race, finished smack about middle of the pack. Going into it I did not expect or anticipate that good of an outcome at the time so am very stoked with all of it.
IMG 1365104 m-100734554-DIGITAL HIGHRES-1331 056719-351308296 m-100734554-DIGITAL HIGHRES-1331 041558-3513074IMG 0099

RAAM start is this weekend. Start line is the precious Oceanside Pier. Finish is Annapolis, Maryland. I personally cheer/pull/root for all. But just a little more for those missing a limb. Or paralyzed. Or any personal challenge that makes this grueling race all the even more: Grueling. It is not only physically but mentally, emotionally and possibly spiritually.

    We will again volunteer wherever needed. Last year it was pre race massage/stretch. Each and every athlete were so nice and genuinely grateful. It is a breath of fresh air. May all the riders have fresh air and the winds at their backs. Wishing a safe journey to all.IMG 1754IMG 1752IMG 1732IMG 1745

Brian Longs 3k rough water swim was just that last weekend: With a nice south swell rolling in it was ..........Rough water!!   Would like to commend the few dozen+ young Oceanside Lifeguards whom all suited up for swimmers safety spread out in the surf and along the buoy markers. They are young yet so mature. But it is obvious they are trained and effcient. You can see it in their display. Several swimmers required attention in the big surf. These kids answered it. It is an honor to be invited to the Oceanside Swim and Lifeguard Charity yearly and I will continue to bid and donate on things I do not need(this year I won the So Cal RAAM entry then only to fly out to St. Croix for Ironman the weekend it was held) But it is all about the cause anyway. And there are homemade desserts to choose which no doubt if won would get used quick. By me.

  Jodi chose to paddle around the beautiful O'Side Harbor on her SUP. She is too......a true waterman. Or I mean water wahine. Oceanside has so many wonderful activities to go along with this cool and fun town this season. And we will taste all of it again: World Body Surfing Contest. The Tiki 2.4mile swim. Oceanside Longboard Surf Contest. Labor day Pier Swim. And then of course some of the awesome Camp Pendleton events. Like a kid out for summer: We will play.

And pick up trash with our newly bought 99cent store  trash grabbers combing the beach. And hope the influence is followed by others on the sand. Here's to a fun and safe summer all!!  : )
IMG 1470IMG 2554IMG 2552

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2 m-100718610-DIGITAL HIGHRES-1281 000170-953439St. Croix as expected was brutal hot and humid. Beautiful too. Athletes got hit by Man of Wars during the swim and I had no idea the damage and pain they can inflict. I was not one of them but a few rooming near us and @ the dinner/awards were. Looked like acid was tossed on them. Some off to the emergency room and race over. Do not like hearing that. We had to swim to the island seen here for the start of the race. Different, cool and refreshing. My experience was great. Long open, out and back swim. I wish those that got hit could have only had the same.

    With no ages marked on our calves I could only guess as I spun out on the descents and false flats that a few were around mine. My rented bike had a 50/39 chainrings. Fine for climbing. Not so otherwise. For me anyway. But the race was what it was supposed to be: Challenging. That is was.


But Jodi just experienced in Ironman St. George this past weekend a much more challenging element: The freezing cold. Your body and organs react completely different than the opposite of heat (overheating is seriously dangerous as well). Body core drops below a certain level and it all (mainly coordination) goes in the wrong direction. Not to mention horrific uncomfortable. Head aches likeit is in a vise. Fingers, toes, most all extremities slow down to a  molasses like dexterity. Some more than others. Read any reports on the race and most suffered. I have over the years really acclimated to hot and humid races. Myself though and many others there is never acclimating to the cold. If your body core drops and you are at or near's no bueno. In any respect. Big difference between a nice cool temp. And freezing. Jodi will be sharing her experience soon right here so stay tuned!  And congrats to Jodi and all whom had to endure what may one of coldest conditions in a race to date. Sorry no pics yet but she will post some here soon10 m-100718610-DIGITAL HIGHRES-1281 001889-9534475 m-100718610-DIGITAL HIGHRES-1281 000557-9534427 m-100718610-DIGITAL HIGHRES-1281 001068-953444